Our Philosophy

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1's Class

Our one-year-old program at Waypoint Preschool in Durham is for children age 1 (by August 31st) and walking.  This class is staffed by two loving and nurturing teachers and maintains a ratio of 1:4.  Currently classes are held two days per week (M/W and T/Th) with the school day starting at 9:15 and ending at 12:15.  A typical day in our 1s class includes free play, story time, music, art and craft exploration,  outdoor play and snack.  A two-day parent’s morning out is a great way to integrate children into their preschool experience and allow children to learn independence and socialization. 

2's Class

Two-year-olds are quite busy exploring their ever-expanding worlds.  It is our greatest desire to provide them with a safe and loving environment, and to nurture their growing curiosity and creativity with a variety of activities, including painting, crafts, pretend play, large motor skill play, manipulatives, and music.  These tools, when combined with an emphasis on God’s presence in our lives and in the world around us, will help lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.  The two year old class meets 2 days a week (M/W or T/Th) with a teacher to student ratio of 1:5. 

3's Class

​Three year olds learn primarily through exploring, using all their senses. We are dedicated to enriching children’s preschool years by providing them with opportunities to develop their social skills, motor skills, and confidence.  We will guide them through activities appropriate to his or her stage of development.  Nurturing the self-esteem of each child in a loving, trusting environment is of the utmost importance, as is helping the children learn to share and cooperate with others in a group setting.  Indeed, it is by respecting each child as a unique, contributing, loving human being combined with an emphasis on God’s presence in our lives and in the world around us, that we will help establish the positive sense of value and self-worth that can sustain him or her for years to come. It is our honor and duty to maintain a safe, professional atmosphere to work with you; the families, and your children to obtain these goals. The three year old class meets 2 (T/Th) or 3 (M/W/F) days a week with a ratio of 1:6.

4's Class

​Our goal at Waypoint Preschool is to enhance the 4 year old preschooler‘s natural curiosity and excitement of the world around them.  We accomplish this through learning centers and circle times to teach science, language/ communication and math in a combination of teacher led and student led play based activities.  We encourage children’s artistic development through crafts, music and drama. Our main objectives are that the children are happy and enjoy school. It is our hope that we will foster their innate excitement for learning which will carry them the rest of their lives. The four year old class meets 4 (M-Th) or 5 (M-F) days a week with a ratio of 1:7. 

We believe that each child is a unique gift from God, and therefore worthy of love, acceptance and support. We believe that parents and family are a child's best teachers; therefore we endeavor to support and enhance the education process begun at home. We believe that every child is different, learning at his/her own pace; therefore our preschool curriculum allows for individual expresssion through teacher-directed activities, self-directed discovery, creative art experiences, gross and fine motor actitivies, music, story time and other group experiences. We believe that spiritual growth is important; therefore we will teach children about God and his son, Jesus Christ, through Bible stories, music, snack time prayers, weekly chapel time and celebrations that emphasize the Christian aspects of holidays. 

Waypoint Preschool is a part-time, Christian preschool and an outreach ministry of Waypoint Church located in Chapel Hill, NC and just around the corner from Durham. All of our classes meet from 9:15 am - 12:15 pm. It is our purpose to provide a Christian preschool for children that will draw them and their families into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and His church. Under the guidance of qualified Christian teachers, the preschool provides an educational program with consideration of the developmental needs of young children emphasizing growth in all areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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