There are two ways that you can help!

  1. Join the Parent Advisory Committee! We meet approximately once a month for dinner at a local restaurant. Meetings are casual and fun, and always open to any Waypoint parent! 
  2. Become a room parent! Each classroom needs at least one room parent. Roles include organizing one staff lunch, helping with teacher appreciation activities, planning playdates for your class, and acting as a liaison between the parent committee and your child’s classroom (mostly that means that you will get e-mails from the parent committee with information to pass along to the other parents in your child’s class). You do not have to attend PAC meetings to be a room parent.

6804 Farrington Road. * Chapel Hill, NC 27517 * 919.489.5889

Parent Advisory (PAC) Committee

As parents of Waypoint Preschool students, we love what the teachers and staff do on a daily basis to take care of our kids. So, we love having the opportunity to give back and help out when we can. The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meets several times a year, and we would be happy to have you join us. The PAC helps out with whatever the preschool needs, but our primary roles are in the areas of teacher appreciation, school missions, fundraising, and fellowship within the preschool community.